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All of our babies come  Vaccinated. Kittens will in most cases have had two F3 vaccines these are usually given at 10 and 14 weeks of age. Maine Coon Babies don,t leave home until 14 weeks as they mature very slow.

Please note this can vary from kitten to kitten as it will depend on the individual baby's maturity and development. as to when they leave home.

If I feel they are not mature enough they will be held back. 

All kittens are micro-chipped this will take place with their second needle.

All kittens will usually come with a four (4) generation pedigree from AICC. Inc.

All kittens will receive an information sheet on what they eat and other useful info. A kitten pack from us as well which include toys and a bunny rug.

All babies  go home with 6 weeks free pet insurance.

Vet Checked

You will also receive a kitten pack from Advance pet food and you can be signed up to receive deals and useful information from Advance.

 Interstate buyers will receive all of the above bar some of the food samples. Interstate buyers are welcome to skype and watch their baby's progress. 

All kittens MUST BE DE-SEXED if going as a pet. This is not negotiable. De-sexing will be discussed at time of deposit.

Please note deposits are NON REFUNDABLE as this goes towards their continuing  costs etc.

A deposit of $200.00 will hold your little bundle of joy. The balance to be paid a few days before, for interstate babies, upon pickup for local.        

Breeding kittens are sometimes available only to reputable registered breeders. Enquirys welcome.

Transport is not included in cost of kitten nor are extra vaccines. and DNA testing.

Breeding kittens will come with their results from Animal DNA upon request.

All our cats and kittens fly within Australian with Departure Pets Transport. Quotes can be arranged.