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                                                           Kowlcoons Mystical White Lunar Moon

Mystical White Lunar Moon is our very successful show girl. I am very proud of her and she is a great ambassador.

Ancats Gold Db Gd Champion & Queensland DBGDChampion TFA Gold Db Gd Champion and Award of Excellence  Db Gd Champion.

Kowlcoons Mystical White Lunar Moon

Loony Tunes is her pet name and she is a second generation Kowlcoons cat dad is Kowlcoons King of Orpheous and mum is Kiwicoons Mystical White Lace. Lunar is an odd eyed white and was born in 2010. With this litter we started the tradition that all white babies born will have the prefix Mystical White. Lunar is with out a doubt my girl, she follows me around and sleeps with me at night along with her father, they squabble between themselves as to who is going to get the closest to me. Lunar is a shy girl at home and prefers to lay in bed all day beside the window. But get her at a show and wow, show mode. At the Royal Easter Show in Sydney she just laid there on information and display day, greeting all the crowd and showing of her beauty grace and size. Said hello to all the children and even let them pet her. Two complete personalities which is why I love her to bits. She has a special bond with her parents which I have never seen before in my cats the three are inseparable.  When most people meet her they think she is a boy because of her size which she finds a little annoying lol. 

                                                                                                               Lunar's achievements  over the years

4th Best Desexed Cat of The Year 2011

Reserve Desexed Cat of The Year 2012

Desexed Cat of The Year 2013


BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP ONE AT THE ROYAL EASTER SHOW -Best Desexed Cat - Best Exhibit breed by Exhibitor -Best Head Type in Desexed Cat 

  in 2013 and 2014