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                      Double Grand Champion  Cherika Kameko

Kameko was my first Maine Coon she is such a lady and so affectionate. Meeke is large for a girl, big boned and has lovely type.  She is the mother of Orpheous and it was sad that she had to be spayed so young. Kameko now resides on my bed and is treated like a queen just as she should be.

Kameko is Japanese for The child of a Tortoise.

Kameko is a black tortoiseshell with white.

Kameko is the founding queen of Kowlcoons. A large big boned affectionate lady. Full of grace and beauty. Kameko will always have a special place in my heart. She has done our cattery very proud with her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Kameko will always stay with us.


                                         Kowlcoons Mystical White Lunar Moon