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                                           It is the same as the Maine Coon you know and love now. Except they have extra toes. 

The poly Maine Coon is more adept, and often smarter, because of the increased ability that the shape of their paws gives them. Their larger paws enabled them to survive in conditions requiring them to catch their own food. Some of them  survived and to this day the dominant gene, polydactylism, continues to be present in a certain percentage of native Maine Coons. Being still visible, it is likely present in the same percentages now as in the earlier times. It can be estimated rather accurately from genetics rules that a constant minimum of 25% of early native Maine Coons would have been polydactyl, and perhaps more in some isolated locations and the many coastal islands.

                                                     X-P.onat has arrived from Germany

Xp has settled in nicely he has a fantastic temperament he loves his cuddles. XP has finally decided he now likes the Australian Girls. His first choice was Flash our black tortie with white. He is producing lovely babies both straight foot and Poly. Keep a look out for his babies.

The Australian Independent Cat Council
Recognizes the Polydactyl for Championship Status