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                                        Hello and Welcome

Hi, My name is Sue and I have had the pleasure of having a furry companion all my life. My very first encounter with a feline was my Nan's cat called MIMI, he was a big red Tom Cat. He was known around the neighborhood as being a bit of a wild thing. Grandad had to put up a little sign on the letter box 'beware of the cat' as he used to lay in wait of the postie and attack him lol. My Nan said I used to dress him up and push him around in my dolls pram and people used to comment on how I handled this big red tom, at such a tender age.

My very first cat was called Freckles, she was a Tortoiseshell just a moggie, but I loved her dearly. The Tortie is one of my favourite colours and I always have one.

Now the children have all grown up and have their own families, I decided it was time to really enjoy my passion and my love of cat's. So I purchased my first Maine Coon breeding pair and began my wonderful journey. The Maine Coon caught my heart the minute I laid  eyes on one. Proud, magestic, playful and very loyal. Their head held high and the sheer size of them is truly amazing. 

In the course of breeding, I have specialized in the Solid Colours as their wasn't a lot to be found. The black classic tabby being the most common colour and what people immediately thought of as a Maine Coon. I am very proud of my Solid Lines and they have done exceptionally well on the show bench. 

We have recently imported our second fur kid from Germany X-Ponat he is a solid black boy and  is our very first Polydactyl.

We all live in Camden NSW  so have a look, enjoy and hopefully we will meet soon.

Warmest Regards

Sue K 

We also support the Polydactyl Maine Coon